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Helping you choose the right product for you.

Global Wood Inc is invested in helping you get your home improvement projects done right. We’re here to assist you with finding the best flooring most suitable for your everyday needs. Our expert service providers are eager to lend a helping hand in completing your renovations, repairs or any other project you’re working on.



  • Incomparable Durability: that can withstand heavy and high traffic areas

  • Easy to Install: unique built in click mechanism makes laminate a perfect DIY project

  • Beautiful Visuals: grains, colors, and textures that mimic real hardwoods

  • Budget Friendly: very affordable product that is built to last 



  • Non-replicable: Bringing out the natural hardwood look without the effort and with no repetitive patterns

  • Variations and Textures: Tell the story of where the wood comes from and enhancing those beauties

  • Sustainable: Using less water and energy to create, product can be recycled for other purposes

VAR45_21_00 (1280x1024).jpg


  • Waterproof: Can be installed where traditional floors cannot

  • Variations: Visuals and variations to bring reality to hardwood floors

  • Easy to install: No more grouting no more tile, resilient products can be floated with click system

  • Pet Friendly: Do not have to worry about pet accidents anymore

You can count on Global Wood Inc to help you complete any home improvement project. Still unsure which product is most suitable, why wait? Contact us today!

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